Fledgling In Our House Wall

by Sandra
(Melbourne Australia)

It's been the hottest Jan 1st on record in Melbourne Australia.

All day we've heard a bird calling out. We traced the sound to an internal wall.

Howard bent some aluminum into a flat scoop shape, nailed it onto a 4' pole then went up into the roof space.

It was as hot as a sauna.

baby birds in nest inside wall of house

He reached down into the wall cavity, scooped the bird up, and handed it to me. I held it gently and cupped it in my hands.

The bird didn't seem injured but was very still, as if in shock.

I struggled down the ladder holding the bird.

While I waited for Howard to get a small box, I realized my pulse rate was soaring.

I sat down focusing on my breath which became slower and deeper as I calmed down.

Then the bird started trembling as if it was thawing out from the shock (a natural response to trauma or extreme threat). I stayed "present" as if meditating.

I continued to just notice each moment as it emerged: noticing my breathing, my emotions, noticing my shifting responses to the bird.

This means I didn't think thoughts about what to do, I just stayed focused on the present moment, the feeling of what was happening, moment by moment.

I do the same thing when I am with a distressed person.

The theory is that both people become calmer through this non-verbal contingent communication.

After a minute or so, the baby bird stopped shaking and without agitation, started calling out again, like it did when it was inside the wall.

As I put the bird into a small box lined with a paper towel, I placed his feet on my finger.

The bird grabbed it like a perch which means it's a fledging - bird just learning how to fly.

We took it outside and placed the box up high, out of reach of any cats.

The mother bird started responding to its calls and flapped around excitedly.

We left them alone for 10 minutes.

When we went back to check the box it was empty and there was no sign that the fledgling had fallen.

Even if it had fallen, it would have been a kinder death than keeping it inside the house in the box where it would have died slowly from starvation, dehydration, and the stress of my trying to feed it.

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Jan 13, 2008
Fledgling in our house wall
by: Trisha

Hi, What a lovely story. When I say it's a lovely story I mean you thought of the fledgling's feelings and knew what to do.

I've had fully grown birds fly into the house or into the back porch and have had to open windows and doors to let them out, but that's different from what you've done.

Trisha, England

Jan 08, 2008
the blight
by: Anonymous

bird sounds that haunted -
searching undaunted,
trapped in a pipe - vaulted,
help needed -
the little bird pleaded
gather me up - we succeeded

found - the reason for the chirping sound
a tiny fledgling so small and round
we debated about putting on the ground,
but it sat stunned and very still
afraid to exercise it's own free will
and realizing it had only beginner flying skill,

we set in a cardboard box and placed it up high
the mother circled and called to it from the sky
the next moment it was gone - it struggled to fly
see what can be done when we all try! bhsv

Jan 01, 2008
by: Administration

Wonderful Contribution Sandra. I hope all our visitors who ask what to do with injured birds read your page.

What you did with the baby bird you found is spot on. Folks, This is what you do.

Your final paragraph is the most difficult for some to understand. It shows, you get it. Thanks.


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