Doves on top of air conditioner

by Ava
(Ontario Canada)

Hi, I'm in Ontario Canada, I have a window air conditioner that is actually through the wall and is tarped outside right now.

I've lived here 12 years and this is a first, the air conditioner has always been there.

I noticed a dove piling straw on top of it and later that day no sign of her.

This morning she was on the porch railing (it is a covered porch and the air conditioner is covered by it) looking at me through the window, after that she was on the nest and her mate was bringing straw to her.

This afternoon and this evening the nest is empty again, I don’t know if they will be back tomorrow morning.

I'm wondering where they might be if they aren't here.

My sister suggested yesterday to move the straw so another bird isn't tempted to use it as a spot to build.we thought they had moved on but I didn't touch anything though and I’m very happy for them to be there.

Even if I needed the air conditioner which is unlikely I wouldn't think of using it as long as the family was there.

Do you know if this is normal for them to be elsewhere in the afternoon and evening? Thank you.


It's common for most birds to work on their nest in the morning and feed the rest of the day.

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Jun 15, 2019
Robin Behavior
by: Gene

Most of our backyard birds tend to be more active in nest building in the mornings while feeding at other times.

Check this page out for more information:


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