Doves on Garage Door Pictures

by Dan Marshall
(Baton, LA)

Dove on Opener

Dove on Opener

I have added a picture to go along with my previously posted story...

One day we were in our garage (California carport-door on one side/open on other), and to our surprise we saw a dove nesting on our garage door opener.

For the first couple days, the bird would fly away when we opened the door, but eventually she would stay put, only cocking her head to the side in response to the noise and shaking.

For several weeks we would come home and say "Hello Bird". My wife has grown quite attached.

She will constantly ask me "what's that bird doing?" "Do you think she's lonely?" "Is she cold?" My response: "Sitting" "no" and "We're in Southern Louisiana, I doubt ANYONE'S cold"

It is quite intriguing to see this bird sitting motionless for hours at a time. My wife checks on them every few hours when we're home.

Every morning she greets her/him, and every evening she makes me look out the door and bid them a good night. No chicks yet…

Surprise! I opened the door to head for my car and I notice something different. "What is that?" "Honey, I think we have babies".

My wife runs from the bedroom, half dressed, squealing like a child on Christmas. "Where, where?" Finally she sees the little brown head and black eye.

I grab the camera and take a few dozen pictures from a stepping stool vantage point.

Later that day I get an email from my wife with the pictures displayed like a proud mother. I almost cringed when I saw the length of the CC list.

Well, that's the story so far. It is kinda fun to watch…I just hope they don't mess up my brand new door opener.

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Jun 04, 2009
Two are better than one.
by: Phyllis

One always seems to pop up from out of nowhere. There didn't seem to be enough room for two the first time I observed the babies in our first family of Penny and Benny, but one often is a pleasant surprise.

Jun 04, 2009
There are 2 now!
by: Dan Marshall

Quick update to this story. There are actually 2 chicks. I think they are starting to get too big for momma to sit on and hide.

Jun 04, 2009
Ms. Dove on Main St.
by: Elaine

I know how happy you are. My Ms. Dove on Main Street in Historic Downtown Franklin, TN just hatched her second brood this week.

She had her first brood the first part of May and I was so excited and made pictures and put her on this website and then after they flew away she nested again and has now her second pair of babies.

I love watching them and tell everyone who comes in the shop to be sure and speak to her and notice the babies.

I have loved watching such a beautiful piece of nature.

Franklin, TN
The Heirloom Shop
404 Main Street

Jun 03, 2009
The Dove Club
by: Phyllis

I loved your story. I, too, and my husband and children have been fascinated by the dove devotion to the eggs.

We're presently on the 3rd family in the same nest on a 6th floor fire escape next to a big empty flower pot in NYC.

Jun 03, 2009
Another awesome pic
by: Anonymous

Another awesome picture. I, too, have 2 babies and a couple of doves. My 2nd round. So cool...I love it. My husband and children just barely tolerate me.

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