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Doves Nesting Over Jacuzzi!

by Sherrie Rubin
(San Diego, Calif.)

Curous Baby Mourning Doves

Curous Baby Mourning Doves

Curous Baby Mourning Doves Nest In the tiki lights Who's There?

We first noticed this mama M. Dove in a tree in our front yard last year. The tree was dieased and needed to be cut down, we waited until her and her babies left the nest to cut the tree down.

I thought I saw her( the same bird) flying about and eating out of the various bird feeders we have around our property. For awhile I did not see her.

Then about 4 weeks ago I was cleaning our jacuzzi that has a palapa installed over it and saw a nest with dired flowers from a bouquet I had left outside from a wedding shower I hosted. The flowers were woven into the nest - a very tasteful bird!

She has been sitting there for roughly three weeks and a few days ago I got the first glimpse of her baby bird heads! There are two and they are the cutest! I came to your site wondering if the mama bird had left her babies, because I don't see her very much during the day but I try to stay away from the area of the nest unless its our usual daily routine the mama bird is familiar with. I am guessing she is just out forging for food most of the day.

From the information on your site I guess the baby birds will leave the nest sometime next week. I am honored they choose us and have enjoyed watching nature afar with my long zoom lens.

The Mother is beautiful, and the baby birds are precious.

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Jun 09, 2014
Devoted parents
by: Lisa

Cute story. I have had Doves in a hanging basket two years in a row now. My babies are younger than the one in your photo and on occasion Mom leaves them for a short time. Yours look like they are almost ready to fledge. Thanks for sharing your story!
Our Mom or Dad, hard to tell, are so devoted I can water the basket carefully and he or she doesn't budge an inch!

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