Doves Nesting Right In Front Of My Door!

by S. Choi
(Santa Clara, CA)

Picture of nest before nesting

Picture of nest before nesting

Doves at Front Door in Tree

I live in the 2nd story of an apartment complex with a few trees planted on the 1st floor in the inside area of the complex.

I enjoy looking at these trees through the seasons seeing the leaves fall off in the fall, then the blossoms appear in the spring and finally full lush green leaves during the summer.

I actually get a bird's eye view of these trees because of the height of the trees and my 2nd story level.

Well, 2 months ago, I noticed a beautiful nest which had been built right into the central crook of one of the trees and I even snapped some pictures because it looked so perfectly constructed and placed.

Last month a couple of these Mourning Doves were hanging around the 2 trees just cooing away and relaxing but the nest was still empty.

Just a few days ago, I saw a Dove atop the nest, presumably nesting.

It's been 3 days now and I was worried because it's been so cold and rainy here lately but nevertheless the Dove is still there staring at me taking pictures. (Don't worry, I keep my distance)

I leave my apartment in the morning and come back in the evening and noticed the bird looked different and had changed positions yesterday.

Now because of this site I know that Mama and Papa take turns incubating their babies. Charming!

I've never had the pleasure of witnessing something like this so I'm extremely excited and fascinated by the whole experience.

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Apr 15, 2023
Doves nesting
by: Elmyra

I have some morning doves sitting in a tree in my complex on the second floor she watching me and I'm watching her.

I too have concerns about her because it has been raining here she's up too high so I can't give her anything to eat.

Our windows are screened so I can't reach out to her but she's right next to my window and she is such a joy to watch.

Her mate comes every once in a while but she steadily sits right there in the tree.

She and some squirrels are company to me.

Mar 11, 2023
Doves Change Places on the Nest
by: Gene

Hi Valerie.

The male and female change places in the morning and late afternoon. You can learn more here - The Nesting Habits of Doves

Mar 11, 2023
Dove Stays on Nest Doesn't Leave
by: Valerie

I have a Dove nesting in my Palm Tree right outside my kitchen window.

She has been there for several weeks!!

I get nervous because I never see her leave or any companion coming by with food.

Is that normal? I never see any other Dove come and visit!!!

Apr 05, 2020
Good News!
by: Anonymous

I was so glad to read your experience because I've run into the same situation.

I noticed a Dove sitting in my pine tree in my backyard. S/he didn't move when I walked by.

I kept/keep my distance while checking several times a day for 3+ days and the Dove is still there.

I didn't want to interfere but I've been worrying, hoping the beautiful bird was not in distress or hungry. This is good news!!!

S. Dove (this really is my last name!)
Georgina, Ontario

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Mourning Dove nesting in our front tree

by Wilda

Mourning Doves nesting

Mourning Doves nesting

For the past few months, Mourning Doves have been cooing away, and fluttering around, and I being an animal lover, would respond in kind, by imitating their sounds back.

Silly perhaps, but hoping it was a type of communication with them, letting them know they were welcomed here, and I was their friend, they need not fear.

A few weeks ago, I noticed two nest in two of my front trees. I wondered which birds were nesting there. (having found some old nest from last year, full of moss, which I had thrown out, in hopes new nest would be built in their place.

I thought I had seen some Mockingbirds in and out of the trees and nest, but couldn't be certain.

Today, as I went for my usual walk with one of my dogs, I decided to look into the tree, per chance, there was a bird this time inside one of the nest, and to my delight, there was! a Mourning Dove sitting right in it.

I was afraid of disturbing it, so I just went on my walk, but when I returned, I got my camera, and quietly, from a safe distance(yet close)I shot a few pictures.

She/he, seemed to watch me, but didn't stir nor seemed disturbed by my photo shoot.

I am thrilled, that they chose one of my trees in which to hatch their offspring.

So looking forward to seeing one of the babies.

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Doves in our Pine tree

by Natalie Petersen
(New London, MN)

We have a Mourning Dove nesting in one of our Pine trees.

I noticed that for the past week or so, it appears that the nest has never been left unattended.

Today I noticed that there seemed to be a smaller bird in the nest with the male- (they take the day shift and the female sits on the nest in the evening.)

dove in pine tree

Dove in Nest with Squab

I've been careful not to get too close to the nest, but instead let my camera capture the nesting event.

Today I was lucky and got a shot of the new little one in the nest with the father.

I'm going to keep a close watch now and see if there is more than one little one in the nest, as I would really like to document it with my camera if there are indeed more.

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Unbelievable Close Up of Doves Nesting

Two Squabs and One Adult Dove in Nest

Two Squabs and One Adult Dove in Nest

In mid-April of this year, I looked out my bedroom window to see if the tulips I planted last fall had opened--anxious to see any colorful signs of spring.

Much to my surprise, in a dwarf blue spruce pine tree next to the window was a beautiful dove sitting on a newly built nest.

We would watch everyday trying to catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated hatchlings. Finally, they arrived and I couldn't stop taking photos.

They were on the nest for two weeks and thankfully nothing found them.

One morning we awoke to the sounds of a dove cooing--something they had failed to do the entire time---because of not wanting to disclose their location to any predators, we assumed.

Surprised by this we checked out the window and noticed that both mom and her two babies seemed to be more "active."

We kept checking them all morning and around noon we noticed that they were gone.

We were disappointed to see them go but hopeful that they would make it and not become a victim of a hungry cat or hawk......even though we love cats and have two of our own (house cats), we wanted these beautiful doves to survive and thrive.

While putting away laundry in the bedroom later that day, one of our cats was sitting on the window sill--tail moving frantically.

When I looked to see what was causing him so much anxiety, I saw that the two baby doves were on the ground under the pine tree sitting close together quietly.

They remained on the ground under that pine tree for about 3-4 days. Again, we were very concerned for their safety, but could only watch and hope.

One Saturday morning, while checking on our babies, we again noticed that they were more "active" flexing their wings, moving around, sitting on a decorative rock in our landscaping warming themselves in the sun.

This went on all morning and finally, after checking for them around 11:00, they were gone.

Again, we were sad they were gone, but happy that we did not see any feathers or signs that they had not made a successful flight.

Much to our delight, a week or so later we noticed that "our dove" is back on the same nest.

We haven't seen the eggs yet, but we are confident that she has another batch of babies on the way.

We will continue to monitor mom and babies. What an exceptional honor for us to be able to view this tiny example of Mother Nature at work just 3 feet outside our bedroom window.

P.S. The photo was taken by squeezing the camera lens through the wooden blinds with the window closed.

Didn't want to open the blinds or the window and disturb mom and/or the babies in any way.

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Doves in Willow Tree

by Brandon
(Spring, Tx)

Nesting and incubating

Nesting and incubating

For the past 4 years or so, we get Mourning Doves nesting in our Willow Tree. Due to recent storms in the Houston area, we lost a major branch from the tree.

This spring, to our surprise the Doves returned. They weren't phased by the limb and previous nest's disappearance. Created a nest in a new branch and went about their business.

We now have two big babies that should hopefully be flying away soon.

Our environment is less than ideal as the nest is right above our swimming pool and we have 3 dogs that love to bark and chase birds.

When outside, I am always less that 6 feet from those birds and they don't mind.

I don't do it to be intrusive. They are literally over the pool and love to use it as their toilet, which is the only bad mark on them.

The wife and I look forward to seeing them again next year.

I enjoyed your article


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Dove nesting in a small shrub

by Marsha
(Ft.Wayne, IN)

the little nest

the little nest

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I wrote a story of some doves! I moved back to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I grew up, to help my father who is 93 now.

I used to have doves nesting on my front porch when I lived in Bloomington,Indiana, but there's really no place on my father's porch for them to nest, and no hanging planters.

So I was sad because I didn't have any doves.

Yet,in the last couple of weeks, whenever I would step out on the front porch I'd hear the flapping of wings and see a little dove fly away from the right front of the house!

On exploring there, and looking around behind the middle shorter bush one day, much to my surprise a dove flew out of the back of the bush, barely missing my face!!

I carefully, without touching, looked into the branches, and there, protected under the eve of the house, and in the back of the bush, was her little nest, with two eggs! :-)

I'm posting a picture of the nest, but can't get close enough with her in there, to take a pic of her on it, but will try!

I'm so happy that I get to watch a dove and her babies again, after watching the same little five raise three broods on my old home! I now feel like I'm at home as well!!

birds and blooms magazine cover pioneer woman magazine cover people-magazine cover first for women magazine cover
Birds and Blooms Pioneer Woman People Magazine First For Women

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My Doves in Tree

by Mistie Lanterman
(Ottawa, Kansas)

My dove

My dove

I have been watching this nest for about a week.

I noticed on bird in the nest all day and no other dove is with her ever, all day.

I found site and found out more about Doves, so no so worried any more.

I give her food below her, his nest around sundown. I have parrots, so whatever is left on bottom of cage, goes to the doves.

I was really concerned about her, because she was always there. She does change position, so I know she's alive.

And, when I put seed down, I shake the bowl and make sure she sees it hit the ground. So happy to know she is okay.

I didn't know that they switched at night.
Thank you! Saving to my favorites.

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Jul 04, 2023
Doves on the ground
by: Mar

After seeing the two doves on the ground under the juniper tree for a couple of days, I decided to put some water in a shallow dish near them and also sprinkled some birdseed nearby.

Several hours later a squirrel, (of course, what was I thinking?) decided to take advantage of my offering while the doves hovered nearby and just watched.

Later that evening I noticed they were gone. I'm hoping they had a discussion after seeing the squirrel visit and decided that they needed to find a more secluded and safer place.

I'll keep my eyes out for them …would love to see what baby doves look like.

Jul 03, 2023
Doves on the Ground
by: Gene

Hi Mar,

You're right, it's not a safe place to be but quite common for young squabs to stay on the ground.

The adults continue to feed them for several days after leaving the nest.

Placing seed out may not be a good idea as it also attracts predators. Thanks for commenting.

Jul 03, 2023
by: Juniper Birds

I’ve had two young doves hanging out under a juniper tree in front of my house.

They walk around a little bit and dig in the ground but mostly just sit next to each other.

I threw some birdseed near them and they ate it.

I really don’t know what they are doing there…it doesn’t really seem like a completely safe place being on the ground.

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