Doves in Wreath on Front Door

by Karen R.

Mama Dove & 2 Babies in Nest in Wreath

Mama Dove & 2 Babies in Nest in Wreath

Doves Make Nest in Wreath

When I first saw the morning doves building a nest in the wreath on my front door, I thought of pulling the twigs out & removing the wreath till they found a new spot.

After googling these beautiful creatures, I changed my mind and decided to keep my front door off limits by blocking the walkway and displaying a sign for people to not come to the door.

I took pics and watched them day & night. I read everything I could about them and was so excited when I saw the babies for the first time, watching the "changing of the guard" (mom & dad changing shifts) when I could see them clearly from a bedroom window close to the door.

The doves would let me get 2-3 ft from the nest to take pics and watch the babies.

One baby fell out of the nest, or maybe the parent kicked it out if it were sick, at 7 days old. It broke my heart and I buried it in my backyard.

I then put a huge cushion and blankets under the door frame in case the other one fell out.

On the 10th day, I heard a slam at my door at 11 PM and ran out the garage to see what happened. A neighbor's cat had got out and was jumping to get the birds.

Parent flew off but the baby was still in the nest as I got the cat back to it's home and told the neighbors to keep it in so it wouldn't kill the last baby dove. I wanted to see them learn to fly so badly.

I stayed up till 2 AM watching for the parent to return, which she didn't...woke up at 7 AM and she still wasn't there, but the baby was moving.

8:30 she returned, then quickly flew off. I went out and the baby was dead in the nest.

After calling a wildlife rescue, I learned that the cat probably got close enough to scratch it and with deadly bacteria in their claws, it would've been enough to kill it.

Or the babies may have both been sick and timing just took the last one at the same time the cat showed up.

I was so worried that I should've covered it that night or tried to feed it, but learned that neither of these were the problem causing death with it being 10 days old.

I think I'll put out one of the nesting houses for them to come back.

It was a grand experience to watch, but such a sad ending...and yet, I also learned 2/3 of them don't make it to adulthood.

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Feb 27, 2021
Artificial wreath
by: Anonymous

Could be birds tried to eat wreath if artificial like mine it might have killed them.

Sep 08, 2010
Found my baby dove dead
by: Sad in South Florida

I had two "baby" doves just sitting outside my front door in mulch under a palm tree for about a week.

They were big but I saw the mom feed them so maybe they were learning to fly?

Then one of the babies disappeared and the last one was just sitting dead in the mulch with head bent forward.

My seven year old thought he was sleeping but I put him in a garbage bag for pick up.

Now the mama comes every afternoon looking for him, standing around his death spot :( It didn't look like he was attacked, and he was sitting so perfect...maybe he ate something poisonous?

Anything I can do to help the mama move on? So sad.

Jun 04, 2009
Doves on my balcony
by: Vicki

I googled dove babies dying and came to this website and read Karen's story.

I am so sad right now--I'm sitting here crying.

A pair of mourning doves had built a nest on my balcony, atop a statue of a gargoyle I have hanging on the wall.

We haven't gone out on the balcony since then, keeping the door to it closed at all times.

The doves raised two babies there and those grew up and flew off, then they immediately rebuilt the nest and had two more eggs, the eggs hatched, the babies were a few days old and all was going well.

However, just a few minutes ago I heard a couple of thumps and looked outside and both babies were on the ground, one dead and one almost dead.

I don't know if they fell out of the nest or were pushed out. I had placed a pile of towels under the nest so they would have a soft place to land if they did fall, but maybe it wasn't soft enough.

I placed the baby that was still alive back in the nest and both parents came back, one onto the nest and the other on the ground with the dead baby.

They are now prodding at both babies with their beaks, almost as if trying to get the babies to start feeding.

I feel so terrible for them. I think the second baby is dead now too.

May 03, 2009
Doves in Wreath on Front Door
by: Julie

I am so sad that they didn't make it. I have tears in my eyes. I know that those beautiful doves are also persistent.

The heart that you have for them (probably all creatures) is fantastic. I hope the next batch will be successful.

I also read that most don't make it. I also have pillows under my front porch nest.

I don't think any neighbor cat can get to ours but I won't let my guard down, neither will my dogs. They don't bother anything but cats.

What a sad story and by the are a very good writer. Keep all of us updated on the next babies. Julie

May 02, 2009
the parent doves returned this afternoon!
by: Karen R

After writing my story this morning, I was in my office which is right by the front door this afternoon and heard my birds.

Went to the bedroom window and there both parents were sitting on top of my wreath! They were just cooing like crazy.

I'm going to get one of these nesting shelves though instead of letting them nest again in that wreath, so it'll be higher up.

May 02, 2009
Doves in Wreath
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed your picture, and then read your story. So very sad indeed. The pictures were precious.. I just know the mom and dad will get right back to having another go at it. That's what they do.

Hopefully you'll find another nest near you.. and be able to watch to witness a miracle! From the time they are born till the time they fly away.

Such is life I guess.. only they might have had a better chance if it weren't for that darn cat.

Keep looking around!

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