Doves in Pool Skimmer

by Deborah
(Maricopa, Arizona)

Perfectly protected!

Perfectly protected!

Oops how did that skimmer get horizontal? It was finally time to clean the pool to ready it for the long hot Arizona summer.

Typically a chore my husband takes care of until this year when he came in to ask for my assistance.

Quite curious as to why he would need my help I went out to see what was going on. The problem, the doves nest in our pool skimmer!

He wanted me to give him permission to toss the nest and carry on; fully aware that I of course would suggest plan B.

Yes directly after breakfast we were at the pool store to buy the new skimmer!

He hung it on the other side of the patio, placed in such a way this one couldn't possibly fall horizontal! $33.00 was a small price to pay for the enjoyment we have watching our doves.

They let us get pretty close to take pictures and don't mind the 80's rock radio we listen to while hanging on the patio!

Seems they have become a part of our family. The first two babies are now making their own way in the world having left the nest this past Friday.

They haven't gone far, feeding on the droppings from our tree in the front yard.

It was amazing to watch this process unfold and I was excited to clean out the skimmer with hopes they would come back for another round.

To our surprise, not theirs as I have now read, momma was back on Sunday already laying her next brood!

Seems as this could go on for several broods this year and we are more than excited to be a part of it.

Glad I have taken the time to read up on their breeding methods and will now enjoy watching the different stages with this next brood and hopefully several this year!

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