Doves In Patio Covering

by Lori Burrill
(Irvine, CA)

Terraza Doves

Terraza Doves

I love this site! Thank you. I am a huge bird-lover (cat and dog lover, too). Have 2 humming bird hangers in our small'ish Irvine, CA backyard.

I have a finch feeder and another wild bird feeder.

We have a small fountain and another much larger fountain my husband built. I have often seen the birds drink & bathe there.

I discovered the doves creating a nest in our patio covering and was delighted to see them nesting there.

When I witnessed the "changing of the guard", I thought I'd explore more about them on line.

I think it is so cool that they both tend to the nest and I am thrilled to watch this process.

Biggest goal is to keep the cats away...they can not climb to the nest, but I don't want them pestering my lovely couple.

My kids think I am crazy, but I point out my nest to their friends and anyone else who will look (the friends think it is cool, too).

Can't wait to see the babies!


Ok. This has been a challenging 24 hours.

Our 2 baby doves have been growing and I (my kids think I am nuts) have enjoyed watching the "changing of the guard" and the parents feeding the 2 babies.

Last night, we noticed some of the spare nest had fallen (perhaps maneuvering has gotten challening as the babies are getting bigger).

This morning, one of the babies was discovered fallen from the nest. I picked her up (after our cat had found her) and tried to save her.

I am somewhat clueless about this which will help you understand the sob story.

We put all/any cats inside and put baby #1 up on away from the nest. Went to work. Got a call from 16 yr old daughter #1 who saw the bird on the ground.

After much confusion, I found out it was baby #2 (OMG!) Came home and removed the living baby back to the nest.

It was breathing but very traumatized. The parents who witnessed me putting him/her back on the nest position, quickly flew off.

In So. Cal. today it was 90 plus degrees, but the wind concerned me. The bird was sweet and responded to me, but, again "I am clueless" . Thank you the internet!

I called our animal rescue and they said once the birds abandon the nest, forget it! I could not do that because I looked into this sweet birdie's eyes and it was ALIVE!

It was up to meet to HELP! So, I researched and found a solution of warm water & break crumbs. I used this in small 1/4 measuring cup and encouraged my dear to drink.

At times I thought it would die of drowning in my water, but at times when I said, you can do it, it would open it's eyes and gulp down some solution.

After a while I thought I should give it up to nature...which I did.

I am overjoyed to say that my hopes & prayers were answered. After TWO hours, the parents returned...they did a dance to see where both their babies were (and to see if any cats, etc. were nearby).

One eventually made it to the nest and, ultimately, started feeding my baby!!!!
The other partner flew off, but came back periodically to check in...

I could not be more delighted. Oh, BTW, since I read that the babies could die from being too cold, I secured some dryer fluff and put up into the abandoned nest...Altho it was really warm here in So. Cal, it was windy and the baby was shivering so I wanted to give it all the help it could get.

The parents DID look upon the drier fluf more curiously, however, they are very tolerant and accepting birds.

They accepted the baby #2 and have accepted the new and refurbished nest w/o being critical.

What a tremendous experience of nature this has much as I am saddened to lose one of the babies, I feel such a wonderful force of nature to have saved baby #2 and a new-found connection with their family!

Bless all of the nature lovers of the world!

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Apr 08, 2009
2 baby morning doves die after putting one back into nest
by: Patty

This is the third year in a row that morning doves have nested under the roof/drain pipe.

I found one baby on the ground and putit back with its sibling and both were alive.

The parent came back that evening (3 hrs after I got home) and sat on the nest.

I thought all was well until the next day at noon I got up on the ladder and they were both dead. I don't know why and wonder if they will still use the nest.

For 2 years in a row there were 3 to 5 broods. I'm wondering if they will return and continued laying eggs.

Very sad.....

May 19, 2008
Animal Lover
by: Aly

Im a big dog, cat, bird, and other animals animals lover! I'm so glad that you are too!

May 19, 2008
Updates for Doves in Patio Covering
by: Lori Burrill

I am so very delighted to report that the one baby bird is doing well!

What is concerning to me is when the mate leaves the nest and does not return for a long while...up to 1 hour last night.

I was concerned I had killed the baby. They seem to love the lint from the dryer as it stays in place better and has created somewhat of a lip so there is less worry about the baby falling again.

I guess leaving the nest unattended (w/o provocation) is normal. Again this morning, I got up this morning to find the baby on the nest w/ no parent.

By the time I returned from the gym (@ 1.5 hours), both parents were there and then one eventually flew off.

This has been a delightful experience.

They seem to be very tolerant of me walking under them and watering the lower flowers.

I have put out wild bird food on the fence and they have enjoyed that prior to flying to the nest.

All is well at 7 Terraza!
Thanks for your comments.

May 17, 2008
Abandon Nest
by: Administator

It sounds as if your Rescue folks were unclear about your problem.

Nowhere in your update did I get the impression the adults abandoned their nest or nestling.

Flying away while you worked on getting the baby back in the nest and returning when they felt safe would be common behavior.

If you wait too long before returning the bird back to the nest, then, they may abandon the nest.

One other thing, dryer lint gets hard and crusty if it gets wet. We advise not using it as nesting material for that reason.

Thanks for saving the dove.

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