Doves in a model ship

by Laura
(Tarpon Springs, FL, USA)

Dove Nesting on Model Ship

Dove Nesting on Model Ship

Doves Nesting in Strange Place a Model Ship

I looked out a window with view across our carport near our entrance.

I saw a dove on the branch of an adjacent plumeria which was a nice surprise.

I don't think (she?) was startled but I was- as she flew directly towards me- I feared she would hit the window, but she made a quick sharp turn and landed on a rustic shelf unit at the entrance which has a collection of stuff waiting to be put somewhere else.

I could then see another dove there on the shelf sitting on top of what appeared to be (a common theme I see) a very flimsy nest- a bunch of loosely stacked sticks.

I had just moved something on the shelf the day before and noticed no nest or birds.

I went around to the entrance door I used multiple times the day before and looked through window that just happens to be behind the open shelves and could see- although the nest was indeed flimsy, it rests inside a model ship.

I just found this totally hilarious.

I now am seeing here that doves are indeed devoted to each other, as I thought, and to finding creative home sites- I had no idea.

I stepped outside and the dove on daytime shift (him I suppose?) allowed me to come and go quietly and get a photo.

I have put up a sign and will pass the word around to my wonderful neighbors who knock there often.

Perhaps my husband, retired from the fishing industry will come up with some nautical names.

The vessel is not a very large live- aboard; I really hope what seems delightfully absurd to me will please and protect these new mates, truly sheltered in dry dock as the Florida rains have started up.

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