Nesting Doves in Joshua Tree, CA

by Jennifer
(Joshua Tree, CA)

Last year around the last week of May, I noticed a dove nest on the beam of the new patio. I can see the Dove nesting from the kitchen window.

I was at the house getting it ready to rent out as a seasonal rental. I told the lady who was renting the house to keep an eye out for the Doves.

She kept me up to date on them and said that they had 2 babies. I moved into the house permanently in February of this year. I noticed the abandon nest, and left it alone.

At the end of May, I noticed a Dove sitting in the old nest. I did not think I would get any nesters as I have 3 dogs that hang out in under the patio.

I walk by several times a day and the Doves do not seem concerned by the dogs or me. I have several different types of feeders in my yard to attract birds and rabbits.

I have the finch socks and the doves like to clean up the seeds on the ground. I also purchase chicken scratch and seed blocks.

It is very entertaining to watch all the different types of quail and birds feeding on the seed blocks.

I was concerned about the one Dove, but I did notice that one looks slightly thinner than the other, so I am no longer worried about the one dove starving to death.
Jun 02, 2009
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Snakes in JT
by: jennifer

I have yet to see a snake in my yard, though they are out on the road. So far my cats keep the pesky mice under control.

As for food for the rats and mice, I really do not think the birds leave any for them. Except the blocks.

My latest problem is a family of squirrels living under the house.

I live across the street from a very large mass of boulders, which I call the snake hotel. Since I butt up to the park we get a lot of hikers here.

They like to report on the local rattlers that appear on the trails. So far I guess I have been lucky.


Jun 02, 2009
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Doves in JT,CA
by: Anonymous

Hi Jennifer.
Wonderful picture of the nest and the Dove. No need to worry about the Dove starving! Odds are when you think its the mother on the nest.. it might actually be the father.

They do trade places.. even though you may not see it. They are so smart aren't they? Nesting in safe places? (most of the time.)

It's such a rewarding feeling to see all this happening. I am currently watching a nest of finches, from the beginning to the end.

This finch pair really found a safe place. out of the wind and the elements. Most of the time they are in the Joshua trees! I too am in the high desert mtns, CA.

I must say though that you are more brave than I. As much as I would love to put something out for the many different species of birds that live here in the desert, not to mention the migratory birds.

I am just too afraid that will attract the snakes. We are in an area heavily populated with the mohave green rattler.

Meaning, the birds drop the seeds.. the seeds attract the mice and rats.. which in turn attracts the snakes!

We are so careful to avoid places where the king of the ambush prefitor rattler..may lay in wait.

The cactus wrens that drink from my bird bath.. everyday.. always tell me when something is a muck. They let me know when something is out there that shouldn't be!

Best of luck with your beautiful doves. I secured a dove fledgling once for the parents until it was ready to fly away.

It was a most rewarding experience. Also helped a Quail couple retrieve there babies that could not make it out of my flower planter when mom and dad were feverishly calling to them.

Talk about rounding chickens! All sixteen of them were happily reunited with their parents once we finally caught them and released them near their awaiting parents.

Whooopie!! I have to say.. the hummingbirds are my favorite!

I love to see pictures here on Gene's site! Thanks for yours!

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Nesting Doves in Joshua Tree, CA-Part 2

by 4deboids
(Joshua Tree, CA)

Mother (?) and Babies

Mother (?) and Babies

It has been several weeks now since the Doves have returned to the nest. I can watch the nest from my kitchen window and last week I noticed the twigs were moving under the Dove.

Within a couple of days a little beak popped up and the adults started feeding it. Today I notice 2 little beaks.

So there are 2 baby doves now. It is so interesting to watch the two adults taking turns feeding the babies.

Sometimes the babies get so close to the edge I have to walk away and hope that it does not fall out.

I have several Sparrows nesting in one of my Joshua Trees and one day after a rather strong wind passed through, I found 6 small dead babies on the ground under the tree. It was very sad.

I have posted a couple of photos of the new family. I read that the adults will lay more eggs after the babies leave the nest.

So while I hide away in the house to escape the heat this summer, I can look forward to watching the Doves.

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Apr 24, 2016
Nesting dove
by: Anonymous

Why does the female dove keep a twig in her beak when she is on the eggs?

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