Distracted by Eastern Bluebird

by April Blair

Eastern Bluebird a Welcomed Distraction

Eastern Bluebird a Welcomed Distraction

Distracted by birds is a welcome diversion don’t you think?

I was working in my yard; I am in the process of creating a butterfly garden to honor my mother’s memory.

My mother left us in 2000 and as far back as I can remember my mother wore a butterfly of some kind, a brooch or earrings, ring or clothing, she adored butterflies.

I love them too; they’re beautiful creatures and remind me that my mother is always around.

Still, I love watching out for birds. I am a novice and have always been happy just to see birds flying by, but a year ago my husband and I purchased a weekend home to get away from the city.

I tried having bird feeders at my city townhome but unfortunately it was short lived due to the urban rodents which liked the feeders too.

I was so saddened when I had to take my feeders down.

As soon as we purchased the property I knew I was in a more natural setting and I would have lots of birds, squirrels, armadillos, deer… you get the picture!

I was in the country now and the bird feeders went up immediately, it has been wonderful getting neck aches from standing in my yard gazing for hours into the branches of the oak and cypress trees looking for birds.

I hear new calls and sounds all the time; it’s delightful and relaxing, except for the neck aches.

I have seen many bluebirds on the trails while riding my bicycle and often get kidded about how easily I am distracted by birds.

Many of the people I ride with are intense about their cycling and don’t find it very amusing when I point out birds when they’re seriously trying to get their ride done.

When the pine warblers fly right in front of my bike, it seems like they’re trying to out race me, it’s so much fun.

Birds have often been entertainment to my workouts, whether I am running and see a red shouldered hawk sitting on top of a light post or hiking and see wild turkeys crossing the trail.

After many hours of digging, pruning, planting specific flowers and host plants in my garden I needed a break.

I was sitting quietly under my umbrella drinking some cold water and looking at the progress I was making and imagining how the garden will look in a year from now.

I could hear the cardinals chirping and the fluttering wings of the tufted titmouse making their way to the feeders, I could hear the loud call of the red belly woodpeckers that were pecking away at the old oak trees in my yard.

As I sat there a few minutes longer trying to cool down from the heat, taking a minute longer I leaned back to stretch my shoulders when I noticed this spectacular Eastern Bluebird sitting oh so quietly on a plant- hanger hook.

Ah, finally, I am graced with the presence of the bluebird.

I was so beat but this bluebird distracted me from my aching back and tired feet, a very welcomed distraction.

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Beautiful Tribute!
by: Marian

I was so moved by the beautiful tribute you are creating in honor of your mother.

I think this is the way each of us might better the earth and nurture our earth's creatures. I love birds and butterflies, too; and was also recently blessed by the sighting of an Eastern blue bird sitting on my quince bush!

I took many photos. Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience!

Story of Birds
by: Marianne

What a wonderful story. You made me feel like I was there and enjoying those wonderful creatures with you.

They are amazing and so much fun to watch. I am very jealous of your lovely new home's location - perfect place to be. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

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