Bird Feeder Nest

by Pamela
(Midvale, UT, USA)

Male Dove In Nest With Babies

Male Dove In Nest With Babies

Dove Nesting on Bird Feeder

My husband and I have a small enclosed backyard, quite safe from roaming critters (except my harmless Maltese, "Ivan").

For the past few summers, a pair of doves come to sit on our back fence each morning.

dove nesting on wood bird feeder

Last spring, a pair of doves nested in the "dead-end" of one of our rain gutters. The doves sat on their nest through the wind, rain and weather. Since the nest was out of our sight, I don't know if they successfully reared fledglings.

I have an old, covered, weather-beaten bird feeder that I fill each summer. In mid-April, I noticed it had an occupant...a mourning dove!

Perhaps it is the same pair as last year, but this year they have nested in a "sheltered" facility. It is a good thing, since this spring has been especially wet, windy and cold.

We call the parents, "Margaret and Thomas" from the BBC series characters of "Lark Rise to Candleford." ("Margaret," the dove reminds me of "Margaret Brown.")

They don't seem to mind my photo sessions (of them) and gardening in the yard below them.

We have been treated with a great view of the nest and are able to keep an eye on the parents and chicks.

The feeder is only about 10 feet from our back door and 7 feet off the ground.

This has been our first experience with nesting mourning doves; it's fun and pretty exciting.

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Aug 22, 2021
Doves returned for 4th hatching.
by: Candice Anonymous

We have the perfect nesting area. On covered patio under eves.

Our couple have returned for 4th time and seems to have succeeded in raising each cycle. So much fun to watch from our recliner in front room.

Thanks to those posting about their Doves.

Jul 18, 2021
baby doves alone
by: Gene

This is the process and it's a dangerous time. The adults have to eventually leave them to learn the rest on their own. Not fun but that's how it works.

Jul 17, 2021
Baby doves left alone at night
by: Rose

We have a couple of baby doves in our backyard. Mama usually comes to get them before nightfall but she hasn't. They're on my fence.

I'm worried about them. It’s real late and dark. This is her second brood this summer. The first two would usually go with her before nightfall.

These two seem to be waiting for her but she hasn't returned. What should I do I'm afraid of cats or other animals getting to them

May 27, 2016
SC dove nest
by: Anonymous

My mourning doves' nest is in a hanging flower basket inches from my window, so I have had a grandstand seat to watch them.

This morning the babies are trying to flap their wings, and the mama looks so puzzled! Then, for the first time, I saw her feeding them.

The 2 little heads poked their beaks into her mouth, and for several minutes the three bobbed up and down in unison as I suppose the mother regurgitated food for them.

I did see the changeover when dad came to take over the nest for the day. At first, he flew away and faked a broken wing to distract me when I went out the door only 2 feet from the nest.

Lately, both adult birds tolerate my watching through the window and passing through the door to water my other plants or sit on the patio.

What a lovely sight they have been. How amazing that they have the instinctive knowledge to do what they do and to wait so patiently for their children to grow.

Surely God will teach me what I need to know for today. Let me be patient in letting things develop and proceed naturally.

Jul 07, 2015
Success at last
by: AC

For the last 2 years we have had a pair of doves arrive at our house and try to build a nest on the arm of our sky dish.

And each year they do not complete the task as the bar is not wide enough to hold the twigs.

This year we witnessed them making their nest and again they had no luck.

So my husband cable tied a wooden dish on to the bar and they have been lucky this year as a few days ago I saw a chick in the nest.

So we will leave it there once they leave and hopeful they will return for the fourth year and be successful again.

May 18, 2015
First time for us!
by: Lin

I watched the birds searching for a place to nest. Usually right above the sliding door where there was a slight ledge.

I knew a nest would never stay because it was too narrow, so I bought a soft edged small wicker basket. Climbed up to ledge secured it by nailing it to wood which kept it very secure.

Sure enough a pair of Morning Doves came back and have occupied this "nest" It is too high for me to see if eggs are there, but the doves have been nesting going on 2-1/2 to 3 weeks.

How long before the eggs hatch (assuming there are eggs)? We go in and out when necessary..including my Labs but the doves seem unconcerned which makes me happy.

Completely enjoying this journey and hope for many more years.

Apr 13, 2015
by: Gene

Very normal behavior. If the egg is bad she will likely remove it. It may hatch just behind the other. The adults keep the young featherless birds warm. (brooding)

Apr 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

We came home after being gone for the day and noticed a baby in the nest It looked like an egg was also in the nest mom was not around.

I was able to photograph the baby and later went out to get still another photo.

Mom was back and it looked like she may be sitting on the baby and the other egg. Is this a normal thing?

Sep 11, 2014
Henry Mellies 5 Stars First Time Visiter:
by: Anonymous

So interesting and informative; learned a lot about this precious bird and its nesting habits.

We live in a second floor apartment with a balcony facing a large shade tree with its branches and leaf clusters coming just over our balcony railings, and for the past three years a pair of doves have graced our balcony view.

It is early September and they are nesting within inches of our railings. Two weeks are upon us now and we are anxious to see new life at the nest.

I can hardly express my gratitude for having learned so much abou these seemingly people friendly birds: Thank you.

Jun 07, 2014
Is it a hotel?
by: Sandy

After the two doves fledged & left the nest (I thought for good) they came back again w/the female? or male w/them in the nest.

They seem to be using the old nest as a hotel. There is now only one fledgling. Have you experienced this?

Jun 01, 2014
by: Judy nonymous

A dove is nesting on our topiary tree on our balcony. We have been concerned because she never left the nest.

This morning we were surprised to see two birds . One soon flew away.

What a relief to know that bird was not alone in this task.

Mar 03, 2014
Doves Every year
by: Harv

Almost every year for the last 8 yrs., doves sit on the telephone wires and look at my porch.

Some years they nest in my Staghorn plants. I tried to discourage this by putting sticks and other things in them.

This year I went to one of my empty hanging baskets and was almost hit my a dove fleeing.

It's about 8 feet off the ground and under a porch where my orchids hang.

I now watch it carefully since I have two Dogs.

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