Backyard Patio PA Wrens

by Sally J. Moore
(North Wales, PA)

3 (?) Chicks in the nest.

3 (?) Chicks in the nest.

Over the last few years wrens have tried to nest in our potted hanging plants.

They haven’t had great success in the past and I’ve even gathered abandoned eggs and made an art project with the eggs.

This year we bought the wrens a house and hung it directly above where they usually nest. Bingo!

The female chose our birdhouse and we have had weeks of enjoyment watching these tenacious little birds.

Both the mom and dad have been furiously, and with incredible devotion, feeding their brood from dawn til dusk.

During that time we took pictures every 4 days as directed by Nestwatch.

Three days ago the chicks started sticking their heads out of the hole to get their food when mom or dad arrived.

We knew we were getting closer to the chicks fledging.

Today, a rainy wet day, at 10:30 I went to check on them and realized there were only two chicks in the house, not three.

I started to video and caught the second chicks last feeding, but missed their flight out of the bird house.

I continued to video and caught the third little bird’s final moments before fledging.

It felt tremendous to be there and to have witnessed the entire beginnings of their lives!!!!

I will really miss them. Having them with us during the stay-at-home orders was a gift.

Enjoy the pictures and videos.

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