Baby Dove Brought to Me

by Terri
(Northport, AL)

My son's friend brought me a baby dove...did not know what it was in the beginning.

He did not look good at all and I truly didn't think he would make it.

dove in our homemade shelter

The Shelter We Made for Dove

I took him outside daily and put the dove on the ground under my bird feeders to see what he would do.

The first time, it stood there for about five minutes, turned around, and walked right to me. I knew I was in trouble!

I've been caring for the little one for about 3 weeks now. He is still an outside bird.

He has a fenced-in area in our backyard.

My daughter goes out a few times a day and "plays" with him.

When I go outside to check on the dove, he either flies on top of my head or my shoulder. We just love having him around.
dove standing on picnic basket

Fledged Dove on Picnic Basket

He's just too darn sweet and cute! I hope I am doing the right thing.

I could not keep him in the house. I do think we have made him a comfortable place outside. He has his own birdbath, house, and feeder.

Any suggestions would be helpful!!!

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Jun 19, 2014
Baby Gone
by: Terri

Sad to say our little Lovie has left. I was really expecting him to come back since he was so attached. I truly hope nothing has happened to him.

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Baby Mourning Doves

by Natalie Petersen
(New London, MN)

Two baby Mourning Doves

Two baby Mourning Doves

I had submitted a story with photograph yesterday that showed a Mourning Dove male sitting on the nest with a baby.

I had indicated that I would love to see if there were indeed more babies in the nest.

That opportunity presented itself later in the day, when while walking through my yard, the male flew off the nest.

I noticed then and there that two babies were in the nest! I was excited, to say the least.

I ran into the house to grab my camera and took this photo of the babies without the parent present.

I think it's a good thing I did, as I don't think they will be in the nest much longer.

I will be anxious to see if the nest is re-used this season, as I've read that sometimes it can be.

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Baby Doves On Adirondack Chair

by Elizabeth Barber
(Halton Hills, Ontario)

2 cute babies chilling out

2 cute babies chilling out

The nest for these doves must be in our garden somewhere and the parents are no longer around. We feed them daily.

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Sep 12, 2021
by: Gene

Doves usually mate after their first year.

Sep 12, 2021
by: BILL

We had a pair of young doves in our garden, they grew fast! 8/31 my wife took pictures, 8 days ago we found one with a damaged wing.

Ever since we have been feeding and watering, it walks everywhere and seems content in it's favorite corner (fenced in backyard)!

My wife whistles and it comes running, if she is working on trees etc. the bird comes cooing to her :-)

Yesterday I noticed a male mount her, today my wife saw the same thing! How soon do they mate after birth???

Aug 16, 2020
Mother dove shows me empty nest
by: Anonymous

The mother dove landed 2 feet in front of me sat for 2 minutes then flew to the empty nest. I followed, she sat until I looked and then flew away.

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Baby Dove Came Back!

by Susan Reynolds
(San Clemente, CA.)

I found this site as I was searching to see if there were any posts on baby doves returning to the nest.

It seems from some of the posts they do.

I can't be sure it's one of the babies that flew away about two weeks ago but, it doesn't look like an adult and there doesn't appear to be any eggs so far.

We love having these peaceful birds in our yard.

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Baby Dove Doesn't Want to Leave

by Diana Machado
(Temecula, CA., USA)

fledge dove still here on the ground

fledge dove still here on the ground

I am fortunate to have had five years of doves nesting under my patio!

Each year I've had anywhere from 4 to 6 broods… So as you can see, I’ve had many babies!

On one occasion, I had a baby dove that didn't want to leave the nest and just kept flying back into the nest even as mama bird and daddy were sitting on a new family of eggs.

Needless to say, it was quite crowded with the three doves in one nest!

And this month, May 2023 I have a baby that is reluctant to leave the area… He fledged on or about May 5 or sixth, and he is still hanging out underneath the nest where Mama and Daddy are sitting on a new family of two!

He did leave her for 48 hours and, of course, I was sad but he's back today!

I miss the doves when the breeding season is over.

I look forward to their company year after year.

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More Babies!

by Lorraine

More Baby Doves

More Baby Doves

Hi - the first set of babies flew away in about a week's time. We couldn't see them at first and then started seeing feathers underneath the parents.

The parents seem to puff up to cover the babies when they are hatched.

After a couple of days we started to see their faces, and then they were out from under the parents.

My goodness they grow fast!!! In about a week they were huge and flew away.

But less then a week later, there were 2 more eggs!

I don't know if it's the same birds or different birds. The nest is really close to our front door and the parents tend to fly away before the babies are hatched but once they hatch, the parents don't move from the nest.

But the same thing, eggs hatched in about 2 weeks, and the 2nd set of babies are now here! So much fun!

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Mar 04, 2016
feral cats
by: Criket

Pregnant feral cats love doves. It breaks my heart to see doves caught. Doves are too slow in flight when they leave the ground.

Aug 15, 2013
Love my Doves
by: S Central Nebraska

That explains a lot. I've been watching a dove nest with binoculars, just a nice distance from my dining room window.

I'd see baby birds, they'd fly & a bird still sitting on the nest. They are fascinating to watch. By this time of the summer, there's a whole line-up of them on the electrical wire along the alley.

I've seen a family of 4 or 5 line up on my fence in the morning & get in a circle & it appears that they're all kissing each other good bye for the day, then they go off on their own & reunite in the evening. Just like people. God's creatures are so amazing.

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Chicks about to Fledge

by Janice
(Virginia Beach, Va.)

Should I leave or stay??

Should I leave or stay??

These mourning doves have been such a joy but now they have grown so that the joy is leaving by this weekend.

I have written before about my new found friends so will leave that and just give you the picture that I took this past evening.

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Jun 08, 2013
Baby's Gone
by: Linda

For the second time this season we have come home to our hanging basket where our momma dove and her babies were to a mess underneath and everyone gone. They were not old enough to fledge.

She used this same basket last year with no mishaps. Do you think maybe a hawk or an owl is getting them? I am so upset. Both times this happened we were gone all day.

I don't know if the lack of activity made the predator bolder or not. Any ideas of what happened and what we can do to prevent it happening again?

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Mysterious nest raid

by Cory
(San Diego, CA)

Earlier chicks in same nest

Earlier chicks in same nest

Greetings. We are proud to say we have fledged many, many chicks from our yard over the years, which of course means we have also seen many nests raided and the babies snatched away.

We have always assumed the culprits were cats or rats since the scene involved major disruption of the nest and feathers everywhere -- and indeed it may have been such predators -- but over the years we have in fact discovered that other bird species are the most likely culprits.

Crows often prowl our yard, and we were shocked (and amazed and even somewhat delighted as birdwatchers) when we witnessed a coopers hawk swoop in one day and inspect everything (no nests then).

Then, about a year ago, I observed another dove -- of all things -- brutally harassing another parent dove doing its best to sit on its nest and tend its babies.

The attacking dove stood on the nesting doves back and ripped feathers from it until the mate returned and fought off the aggressor.

This made me wonder if anyone has ever seen another dove raid a nest and carry off or kill the babies. Anyone?

Then this: Last week we had a pair with very young chicks on a nest they had used already this season to fledge two broods successfully.

The nest is supremely concealed, about three feet off the ground in a flower pot mounted on a low fence.

It cannot be seen from above or on three sides, covered by many low hanging branches and boughs, but it was an ideal place for our observation; we often sat on a bench just three feet away, where the parents and chicks calmly tolerated us.

Unfortunately we awakened on Saturday to find the chicks gone… but there was no disturbance to the nest at all -- no feathers, no down, not a twig out of place -- and there was no disturbance to the surrounding foliage or ground cover of any kind.

Though in past years we have seen cats and even rats on patrol, that’s been so very long ago we discount the possibility this time, especially in light of the fact that there was not a twig out of place.

The one thing my sharp-eyed wife did find on the ground was the two crops or livers of the babies, as clean as if they’d been removed by a surgeon and washed for research -- but not another bit of debris or carnage or disruption of any kind.

So my question: Have any of you ever witnessed or learned of such a raid conducted by other mourning doves?…

Of course we are skeptical, and of course it’s natural to assume another form of predation, but the scene is so perfectly intact -- as if the parents and babies had simply flown away by choice (minus the crops/livers) that we just can’t figure it out.

We’ve set our trusty traps for rats (catch-and-release, of course), and we keep our eyes peeled for cats (even our neighbors say they haven’t seen one around in years), and we are confident no larger bird can detect the nest, but we are open to all suggestions, especially from anyone who’s had a similar situation.


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May 11, 2018
Heartbreak Morning
by: SadInRancho

For years our pair came to nest under the eaves on our porch. I always believed they were the same two or maybe the babies from previous hatching.

Last week the nest was built and both took turns sitting on 2 eggs daily. It looked like we were going to have another generation of these beauties until yesterday.

I woke to find nest on ground and feathers everywhere. Looking into security camera footage I see mama come down from nest at 2am to sit on porch bench only to be targeted by my neighbors house cat.

Unfortunately in her panic she flew into house, window, and roof never able to get a grip or fly out from under porch into the darkness before she was swatted to the ground and carried off.

Dad has been cooing on top of our roof for 24 hours now :( I can hear him as I write.

I have read that when mother duck fears its nest is in danger of a Predator it will fly down and pretend to have a broken wing to distract it away from her eggs.

I understand the circle of life but I will never understand pet owners who keep their pets in the home all day and let them out at night.

Jun 01, 2017
My mourning doves
by: Anonymous

I have 2 babies on my balcony in a flower pot and they are now getting ready to fly away. Every year they come back.

Jun 05, 2016
Response to: "Mysterious Nest Raid"
by: Anonymous

We were looking to see if anyone had a similar experience to ours. We, too, were infatuated with the beautiful wonders of Nature, until...! We have two nests in our Cereus cactus. Two dove couples were brooding, and one couple was successful with one egg.

After the parent had been tending to the young chick for about three days, we saw the dove from the other nest suddenly fly out of its nest and attack and chase off the other parent and the young chick. It would not allow them back into their nest.

The chick was not old enough to fend for itself, and the parents seemed incapable of protecting it.

Next day, we saw the chick on the ground next to the cactus. The other dove flew down and attacked it with claws and beak, drawing blood.

Yesterday, we found it dead next to the patio. Any bird psychologists out there?

Aug 23, 2014
Dove on nest
by: Anonymous

Last week we noticed a dove flying around our garage door --when we pressed the automatic garage door opener when we went out to get the mail.

The dove flew out and we noticed the semblance of a nest on top of the garage door opener at top of motor. Later we noticed the dove was back sitting on the nest.

We are leaving the door open as long as we are in the area to enable her to fly out for food and water. We have noticed another dove around and a smaller dove also.

We don't want to disturb the nest but can't leave our door open at night etc. any suggestions would be appreciated. We have named her Molly.

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Doves Giving Me An Education!

by Michael Berry
(Salinas, CA)

Dad with

Dad with

We came back from a vacation, and was catching up on the yard watering when we discovered a dove nesting in one of our wall mount planters.

We watched for about 16 days, with the "changing of the guards" each 12 hour period. Two eggs produced two babies.

The babies grew up very fast, flying out of the nest after about 8 days! They were in the yard on and off for about 5 more days, then headed out.

Now the mom is back in the same nest with one more egg. Such fun watching.

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Dove nest in South Florida

by Ria
(Tamarac, South Florida)

The chicks are almost ready to fly

The chicks are almost ready to fly

Mourning doves nested in a Sabal Palm tree right outside our second floor office window.

The female picked a great spot facing our window and sheltered by the building and the fronds of the palm tree.

It was shady and out of sight from predators.

We had a perfect view of the birds and their chicks. I took pictures every weekday as we watched the little family grow.

We were able to observe the parents switching positions on the nest each morning and the female providing food to the chicks from her mouth.

While one parent was on the nest, the other was perched on a nearly light pole keeping guard.

At first we saw only one eggshell and one chick, but it soon was apparent that the second chick was just hidden a little from view.

The two chicks grew so fast right before our eyes and after a while, they barely fit in the nest.

We came into the office one Monday morning to find the chicks gone and the female preparing the nest for a new brood just a few days later.

I had started feeding a pair of doves in the parking lot about a year and a half ago. One of my co-workers also feeds them.

They have gotten to know me and they fly down to my car when I pull in my spot in the morning.

They also spot me when I come out of the building before I get near my car and fly down in front of my feet.

I feed them black oil sunflower seeds and they now let me get really close to them during feeding.

We believe that the nesting doves are the same ones we feed. I noticed that only one dove at a time was feeding in the morning just about the same time the nest was built.

At first I was concerned to see only one dove, but then it made me happy to know that our little mated pair was still together and well and raising a family.

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Doves just hanging around

by Kay Krause
(Charlevoix, Michigan)

I went out to cut the grass on Sat and noticed a mourning dove sitting behind my butterfly bush. I figured it would just move off once I started moving around, so I continued to ready my task.

I was picking up a few things and was just about to get the lawn mower when out from under the deck comes another mourning dove. Neither one of them appeared ready to move.

So needless to say I abandoned the idea of cutting the grass so as not disturb them. I just figured they would be gone in a few hours.

It is now Sunday and the pair of birds is still hanging around my yard.

Last I put out a bowl of water. I also put out some sunflower seeds. I am not sure if are sick or hurt or what.

This morning when I got up I thought of the birds. Are they gone? So out I went. I walked to the end of my deck and looked over on the ground and couldn't see them in either corner. Oh good, I thought, they flew away.

When I turned around, there they were on the railing. Sitting right there, not afraid. I went out to take a picture of them and thought once again perhaps they were gone and found them huddled together under one of my lawn chairs. I am puzzled as to what do.

Can I get some help, I don't want any harm to come to them and we have Feral cats around this area. Help!

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Jul 11, 2017
by: Gene

Many have had luck watering the edge of the plant. Make sure not to get the nest or eggs wet. Move slow.

Jul 10, 2017
Help me please
by: Anonymous

I'm scared to death of the morning doves in my Boston ferns. I live on the second floor of my apartment complex.

They started nesting about two weeks ago... I haven't been able to water my plants and in this Alabama heat they are slowly dying.

I want the doves to have a home to raise their babies but I'm afraid they to will die if the shade from the bush subsides,... What should I do?

Sep 05, 2016
by: Gene

Your doves are most likely juveniles from an earlier nesting. The young may be on the ground for more than a week before leaving.

The adults will continue feeding and teaching them what they need to know to survive.

Yours haven't learned to fear humans just yet. Other than trying to keep hawks and cats away, there's not much you can do.

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Nice Dove Visitors

by D Davis

dove squab in Nest

dove squab in Nest

Two fledglings have already left. They were both on the porch floor and they took off one at a time.

The nest was empty for a day or two and then one dove returned. The male was there too but not in the nest. He was just below securing the area.

I wasn't sure why they returned and after a 'search' discovered that this can continue all summer with more fledglings appearing.

It very nice to have them here.

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