A Lesson From A Baby Robin & It's Mommy!

by Nancy Smallwood
(Fairview, MO - Newton.)

The Act Of Love & Nature!

The Act Of Love & Nature!

Hello,My name is Nancy. My roommate owns his home. And with it, a lot of land & trees.

Well, the robins come by the dozens! I let my 2 dogs out to use the potty. I went to the back of the yard where the peach trees are. I looked down & there was a baby bird down at my feet.

And yes,I tried to catch it.I even got on my knees & crawled under to get the little thing. But, he just kept hopping further away!

I don't know anything about birds. So I finally caught the little tike and cuffed him in my hands.

The first thing I thought of was (Worms)I took him in to the house and noticed that his bottom beak was deformed. Still cupping him, I found a real small worm & held it up to him! He ate it.

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Next, I fixed up a box for him. My mom always told us kids that if you handle baby birds the mother would kill the baby! So as I was holding the baby bird my roommate told me the same thing.

Well my friend raises chickens & ducks. She said that the mother will not kill him. So, I took him back out to the tree and put him back where I found him.

I backed up far enough to where I could see the baby bird and still not scare the mommy. For sure the mommy came back to feed the baby so I went back into the house.

Worrying about cats when it started to rain. I began worrying that the baby was cold & wet so I went back & got him again. I cupped him so he could be warm. Then I wanted to take care for him.

I went to the computer and looked on this page and, found out a lot about Robin babies. This is a great site. I learned that if the baby bird can perch on the finger it is not a nestling.I t is learning to fly.

I took him back and put him back up in the tree where he latched right onto that tree. When he was in the box.I picked him up and, he latched onto my finger.

Well, happy ending, Mommy kept him fed & happy! I stayed out there for 3 hours keeping my baby birdy safe for a while!

I know now Nature can be very mean. But, nature is nature! I took pictures. I will never forget my Baby Robin or the lesson I learned! There are so many robins that come to our yard.

It is amazing & beautiful! They just love that I keep my yard mowed. It's like they say thanks, we can get our worms easier! HA! HA!

Thank You For Letting Me Tell My Story! Sincerely,

Nancy Smallwood!

Wild-Bird-Watching.com says:

It is a myth that touching baby birds causes the adults to abandon or kill their young. Being careful not to stress them is the important part.

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Baby robin
by: Marianne

Oh what a wonderful story. I hung on your every word hoping the baby would be okay. You are really special for taking care of the little guy and he is very lucky to have found you. It is such a joyful experience with our feathered friends. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your story. I just loved it.

baby Robin
by: Anonymous

Really sweet story. Very moving. What a great job! Thank you for sharing it.

About Enjoying Robins and Other Birds
by: Anonymous

Enjoyed the story of rescuing and releasing the baby robin. I'm staying with a friend in NC and there's a pair of robins with nestlings in a pyracantha bush 3 feet from her front door.

I learned from a friend who's an expert on bluebirds that birds have no sense of smell, so they don't know if you've handled the baby. But aside from putting it in a bush if it's trying to fly, one should probably just observe from afar and not disturb or distress it--or the parents!

I'm able to photograph the robins' nest through the glass storm door and love seeing the eager open beaks when the parents approach. Simply wonderful!

Everyone should observe and study nature more so we don't lose the sense of respect and wonderful for these fascinating creatures.

Web sites like this have so much helpful information that enhances our appreciation and helps us to provide food and shelter for such amazing creatures. Enjoy!

by: Anonymous

Thank you for being a kind and lovng person...

sweet babies
by: sandy

I have a robins nest in a potted plant in front of my office, I have watering the perimeter of the plant to keep it alive and give the mama and babies that should be born soon a safe space away from hawks and other animals that would kill.

I have a second plant and there are little babies in it, same thing I keep watering the perimeter to keep plant alive but when I do the little babies all open their mouths and I feel so bad I want to feed them but I am sure their mommy is doing a fine job with her own.

I am in awe watching this miracle of life happen under my nose. I love coming to work each day to see the progression...Nature what a lovely thing. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Help! I’m being attacked ...
by: Anonymous

A momma robin built her nest in my tree. Every time I go out my door she charges me. I can’t mow my lawn and I’m wondering when will she and her babies will be moving a long?

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