Wrens Choose Gourd For Nesting

by Carole Woomer
(Tonawanda, NY)

Wrens Choose Gourd Birdhouse

Wrens Choose Gourd Birdhouse

Each year we put up several birdhouses, and each year the wrens seem to love this gourd!

We first noticed the wrens in our yard of course because of their beautiful song.

We began to study their mating and nesting habits.

Now it has become an annual source of
entertainment for my husband and me.

They love our pine tree and the gardens that provide such great foraging spots.

One year we were lucky enough to see 2 broods!

Last year during the pandemic especially, these little birds were a welcomed solace.

Two years ago we happened to be home when it was time for the baby birds to come out into the world.

We sat for hours watching each one with their cute little tufted heads.

It feels like such a privilege that they chose our yard and our gourd birdhouse.

When they are gone for the season, there is a noticeable sad silence.

But we always look forward to welcoming them back next year!

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Your Wren post is so true
by: Cathy

From May until September, the Wrens serenade me with their bird songs. I love to watch them come and go, and protect their territory.

I have a ceramic acorn they use for their home. It's very hard in September when they leave. I really look forward to them being there.

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