Robin Nesting on Ladder Instead of Light Fixture

by Josee
(North Bay Ont. Canada)

Robin Nest on Ladder (Room with a view)

Robin Nest on Ladder (Room with a view)

Robin Nest on Ladder this Year

Three years ago this mama robin built her nest just over my back door, perched on my motion sensor flood light.

Last year the light finally gave and it pulled it right out of its socket.

That not being an option this year, she found a new strange spot to build

Not the sturdiest of perches as one good wind gust could topple the ladder, but she is still there, brooding like a pro>

Protecting her young from the multitude of squirrels and blackbirds that live and play in and around my backyard.

I love watching them in action and will prepare an official and safe robin's perch for years to come.

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