Purple Harbor Purple Martin Colony

by Dan schultz
(Williamsburg va )

Martin House Filled With Purple Martins

Martin House Filled With Purple Martins

Standard 12 rooms on the confluence of the James River and Chickahominy River in Va Williamsburg.

Every year starts Mach 15 with a scout followed by a full house in two weeks

Have a dynamic time here in the middle of July as hawks attack the house and Martins defend. It's nature at its best

The evenings are the best as these very agile pilots glide back to the nest. I can sit for hours watching and listing to them.

I feel a bit of pride as these seem like family
I hear stories that some times they may not return.

I could not imagine a worst outcome as a pilot I can only stand in awe of their incredible migratory navigation and long range flying endurance

Truly remarkable birds.

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