My Doudi

by Mounira Al Halabi

At 30/5/2009, I heard from my friends at school that they found a baby bird thrown in the soil. I was surprised.

I asked them if they had done anything to him, they said that they left it because maybe his mother will find him.

After 4 hours nobody came. He stayed alone, hungry and lonely. My friends said that they will take care of him at one of they're houses. I disagreed.

I told them that my uncle knows how to deal with animals, and that he has a pet shop, and I will take him or else he will die with you. They agreed.

I escaped from class and went to him. I took him from my friends,(in another class), and sat down in the play ground trying to feed him. I loved him, though many said he is ugly.

His name was Tommy, but I did not like that name, so I called him: Doudi. Doudi and I stayed together lonely in the play ground, waiting for the bell to ring.

Hardly had I brought him home in the bus. No body liked the look of him, and my mom thought that Doudi has a disease. But I loved him a lot, and I was sad to say goodbye and take him to my uncle.

I took Doudi to my uncle. He saw that I was sad to leave Doudi after 2 hours together only. My uncle is wise, so he gave me food for him and instruction about the new member in my family. I was Happy. I fed him. Doudi was so small.

Next day, that's today, I awoke upon hearing Doudi's voice crying or screaming. I jumped out of my bed and ran toward his place. I realized that I didn't made his food(water and some kind of rice) yet. I made it quickly and fed Doudi. It was magical.

I will take Doudi to the park today, and let him walk on the green grass happily. We will have so much fun.

Soon, Doudi will be able to fly. Maybe he will just fly away, and maybe he will stay beside me and never leave me. On both ways, I will not forget him ever. I will not forget my Doudi.

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May 20, 2011
baby birds
by: theresa

Did your bird ever leave? I am raising a baby starling or blackbird. It will not leave my side, always comes back from from wherever I put it. Right back to my neck. I do love this bird, but I know it would be happier, free.

May 31, 2009
by: Mounira Al Halabi

Thanks for your comment. Oh, and about that rice mixture, my uncle gave it to me. Just go to any pet shop and tell him that you need to feed the baby bird and he will know what to give you.
At last, I like to tell you that if you found any baby bird just think with your heart and mind and you will know what to do.
i wish you happy days. Byzzz

May 31, 2009
Precious Doudi
by: Julie

What a special story. I hope he or she gets strong. Because of has a chance. I come across baby birds sometimes but I don't know what to feed them and they have died. I am wondering what rice mixture you made so next time I find a baby bird....I will try what you are doing. Good luck with your Beautiful Doudi.

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