Heated Birdbaths


by Jeanne Harrigill
(Montgomery Alabama )

Natures finest❤💗

Natures finest❤💗

Every spring we have 2 mourning doves make a nest in our palm tree which is right next to our patio. I enjoy watching dad build the nest. Then mom snuggles down in it , gets comfy and doesn't move for weeks.

This year they had 2 babies. They have been going through the fledgling stage for approximately 10 days now. Mom and dad are not around much, maybe twice a day. I have seen the two very healthy babies fly.

This morning as the two babies sat on my patio floor, mommy flew in. They were so excited to see her. They were all flapping their wings.

The babies are left alone most of the day. As I type this they are on the patio sleeping. They are about six feet away from their nest.

When I do go outside I pretend not to see them and just walk into the yard. They are starting to show signs of being nervous. They either get up and move a bit or fly into their nest.

Speaking of nest, it's too small for them and it's falling apart. The only non pleasant part of the baby birds is the doodoo all over. And I mean all over.
Love watching nature❤

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