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Dove nesting in a small shrub

by Marsha
(Ft.Wayne, IN)

the little nest

the little nest

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I wrote a story of some doves! I moved back to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I grew up, to help my father who is 93 now.

I used to have doves nesting on my front porch when I lived in Bloomington,Indiana, but there's really no place on my father's porch for them to nest, and no hanging planters. So I was sad because I didn't have any doves.

Yet,in the last couple of weeks, whenever I would step out on the front porch I'd hear the flapping of wings and see a little dove fly away from the right front of the house!

On exploring there, and looking around behind the middle shorter bush one day, much to my surprise a dove flew out of the back of the bush, barely missing my face!!

I carefully, without touching, looked into the branches, and there, protected under the eve of the house, and in the back of the bush, was her little nest, with two eggs! :-)

I'm posting a picture of the nest, but can't get close enough with her in there, to take a pic of her on it, but will try!

I'm so happy that I get to watch a dove and her babies again, after watching the same little five raise three broods on my old home! I now feel like I'm at homes as well!! :)

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