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Wild Bird Watching, Issue #004 -- New Live Cardinal Cam
May 30, 2009


Can you believe it? What I though was a Once-In-A-Lifetime Event has begun all over again, The Cardinal Cam Is Back!

Thanks to a great neighbor and an even better friend named Beth Huff, we are getting a second chance to see the nesting habits of Northern Cardinals.

Today, 5-30-09 Saturday, we have gone live with the new Cardinal cam.

I noticed the pair going to my neighbor Beth's, tree and becoming quite. To me that suggested a nest site. So I went searching and sure enough, there it was. I asked and not only received permission, but got Beth's help in setting the camera up. What a friend.

It took awhile with me adjusting the camera as Beth watch the TV monitor and gave me directions to which way the camera needed to be. But even with the wind blowing, I think we were able to get a pretty good view. Thanks Beth.

Unfortunately I have no idea when incubation started, so I don't know when the eggs will hatch.

Once they hatch though, we've only 10 - 12 days to watch them grow. There's two eggs in the nest.

So those of you who chatted the first time, come on back and we'll do it again. And those that didn't, here's your chance to have some fun with the rest of us. Everybody's welcome.

Here's the link if you still need it:

Live Cardinal Cam #2

And if you missed the first cam and want to catch up on what happened before, you can take a look here:

Cardinal Cam Replay

There are six videos. You may need to update your browser. I found some Internet Explorer users weren't able to see them all. This might be a good time to download It's user friendly. Let me know if you're unable to see them and what browser you're using if you know. -----------------------------------------------------

Purple Martin Cam

The plan this season was to place a nest cam in a Purple Martin gourd so that you could watch Purple Martins raise their young.

I never got the cam into the gourd because I used it for the unplanned Cardinal Cam. Now with a second nesting of the wildly popular (10,000 visitors) Cardinal cam, Purple Martins will have to wait another year.

Hope they come back. ----------------------------------------------------

What's Next?

Hopefully this nest works out well and we get to see the young Cardinals hatch out and leave the nest without incident.

After that time I'll be stopping the cams as most of the season will be over and most of you will be enjoying family and summer vacations. I'll be tending the garden more and watching the Purple Martin pair.

They have six eggs which should hatch in the next week and then it's 27 days before they leave the nest. So by July 4th the action around here will be over as far as the nesting season is concerned.


On The Website

Still adding bird videos on the species account pages as I get them done. Lot's of visitor stories pouring in, stories about Mourning Doves, Bluebirds, and Hummingbirds.

Stop by and read a few when you have time. You can even help out with comments to questions folks sometimes have. See the stories here:

Dove Stories

Bluebird Stories

Hummingbird Stories



It's time to get those hummingbird feeders cleaned and hung if you haven't already. No real need to buy prepared commercial nectar when you can easily make your own. If you need the recipe you'll find it on the website here:

Nectar Recipe

Check out some of the feeders while you're at it. Male Hummingbirds will chase other hummingbirds away from the feeder so having a couple of feeders helps.

You can check a few Hummingbird feeders out here:

Hummingbird Feeders ----------------------------------------------------

Motivation Time

There's still time to go for a walk early in the morning and find bird pairs feeding their young. Try one day this week to get up early and spend some time with nature. Walk around a nearby lake, stream, or wetland.

Early morning is a great time to find birds near water. And don't forget to provide water in your own yard for the birds. Check out some great birdbaths here:

Bird Baths


Until Next Time, Happy Birding

Gene Planker

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