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Wild Bird Watching, Issue #007 -- 2010 Cardinal Nest Cam
July 03, 2010


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I've installed a camera above a Northern Cardinal nest again this season. It's better by far than last years cam. The new nest cam is in full color and our Cardinal is gorgeous.

There are two places you can see the cam. One is on the website itself at: Cardinal Cam

The other is the hosting website at:

Usteam Cardinal Cam

Both places offer the chat option just like last year. No matter which chat you use it will appear on both chats. This way you can chat with whoever is chatting.

Cardinal Timeline

Our Cardinal laid three eggs with the first laid on 6-27-10. Hatching should begin the weekend of the 10th of July. I believe one egg was taken by a Cowbird and replaced with a Cowbird egg.

We will not interfere with this nest so be prepared, nature can be harsh.

I want to encourage each of you to login to the chat, use your first name and don't be shy. Those already chatting won't hurt you and will welcome all who choose to be respectful.


Baby Birds

Each year people find baby birds on the ground thinking they have been abandoned. The fact is, most are fledglings who've left the nest, but cannot fly well.

The emails I receive always ask what to feed these birds. No matter what, most of these birds are not going to live. Even if you're able to get to the point of releasing the bird back into the wild (most won't) the bird has never learned to hunt food and will perish in it's first winter.

Please take the time to read:

Finding Baby Birds

before you find that baby bird. ---------------------------------------

Purple Martins

I'm a Purple Martin landlord and this year I have two pair of nesting Martins. One nest has six healthy nestlings and the other nest has five nestlings.

Fledging should happen about the same time as the Cardinals eggs hatch around the 10th or so of July. Right now they dive at me anytime I go out to the garden which is next to the pole.

If you're interested you can see pictures of the setup here:

Here is a 30 second video of one of the young peeking out of the gourd taken last season. The video was taken just a few days before they fledged.

You can watch it at the bottom of the Purple Martin page:

Purple Martins

I've got a cam in one of the gourds but there isn't as much interest in the cam compared to the Cardinal cam. I keep an eye on it in case there are mites. It's connected to a spare television. At this time I can only stream one camera at a time.


Motivation Time

Make sure if you watch the cam to click the lower right box which toggles to full screen. This will fill you computer screen with the nest and Cardinal. Some people don't know about this feature. It can be very relaxing, better than TV at times.

When you do go to full screen you won't be able to chat without going back to the small screen.

It's Summer, so be sure to provide the birds with water. Food is plentiful but water may be scarce. Do what you can to help.


Until next time, Happy Birding,

Gene Planker

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