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Wild Bird Watching, Issue #002 -- Fledging Soon
May 06, 2009


Well the live bird cam has been going strong and the babies have hatched. Early Wednesday morning on the 29th of April our two eggs finally hatched.

My lands, there's a lot I didn't consider before plunking a cam over a Cardinals nest. The tense times that happen out there in the wild that you have no control over... Whew!

The Grackles that visit the nest, Grackles are known to eat other birds and I believe they are coming more and more and may have attacked the small nestling.

Then there was the cat that came wondering through the yard this past Weekend. Chased the cat away. Earlier, during incubation, a House Wren was visiting occasionally. You do know House Wrens pierce eggs don't you?

And that's to say nothing about all the things that can happen during the night, snakes, raccoons, opossums.

It's tough being a Northern Cardinal.

If I had more hair I'd be losing it!

What Can We Expect

Our nestlings are expected to fledge (leave the nest) 5-08-09 - 5-10-09 Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I'll try to have the camera on early mornings provided they make it to this time.

I've just added a 3 page PDF for you to download. You can find it on the Live Bird Cam Page It doesn't cost you anything and it's got a bunch of information on the life cycle of these birds, so download a copy right now.

The link is on the right side of the player.


Robin Cam

It's less tense since the Robins are nesting in one of our Nesting Shelves placed on the side of the house away from trees where most predators can't get to them.

If you like the cams, consider getting your own. Place it next to your hummingbird feeder, bird bath or a wren house, then just plug it into a spare television and watch your own bird cam. Check it out here: Hawk-eye Bird Cam


Website Additions

I've been adding new videos to the species account pagers. I'll be updating the Common Birds Page as I have time. If a species page has an accompanying video, I'll add a Cap V next to the birds name. Itís busy this time of year so it may take awhile.

This week I've added short videos on:


Northern Oriole



Be sure to check them out as you have time. ----------------------------------------------

Motivation Time

Try one time this week to go outside before the hustle and bustle of the day begins and just sit and listen. Count how many different birds you can hear in your own backyard. I think you'll be surprised. ---------------------------------------------

Until next time, Happy Birding!

Gene Planker

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