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Wild Bird Watching, Issue #001 -- Cardinal Cam Update
April 27, 2009

I hope you're enjoying the Cardinal Cam, if you haven't seen it yet take a look.

Live Bird Cam

The first full day of incubation was Friday, April 17th. With 12 - 14 days of incubation being the norm, we're looking at a hatching date of 4-28-09 to 4-30-09. Pretty exciting don't you think?

We've been getting some weather and will be having storms coming through Eastern Kansas this week.

This will cause us to go offline from time to time. When this happens we switch to recorded activities.

This has caused some alarm with some of our visitors thinking the eggs are gone. When in reality it's just earlier footage of nest building. We'll let you know if something goes wrong.

Stay tuned, if all goes well there will be some fun doings this week!


Robin Cam

I've got another cam aimed on a Robins nest in one of our Nesting Shelves.

I'm not streaming it live to the web due to lack of resources to do so. More computers, wireless connections, and on and on it goes. We'll get there one of these days.

If the Cardinal's finish up before the Robins, we'll stream the Robin cam for you to watch.

Currently I'm able to watch as many cams as I have cams and televisions. You can too, with a Hawk-eye Bird Cam

It's simple to connect. Just plug the white jack and the yellow jack into the white and yellow plugs in your TV, VCR, or Computer. Plug in the DC power supply and start watching your bird feeders, birdhouses, or your dog in the backyard.

You don't have to stream it to the internet. You'll love having one.


Purple Martins

We have a pair of Purple Martins and are hopeful we'll get more this year. May should bring the arrival of what are called the Sub-Adults. (those born last year) These Sub-Adult Martins will be looking for new homes. More about Purple Martins later.


To Be Added

As time permits, we will be adding a few more species accounts with some accompanying video of each new account. Be on the lookout for: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Killdeer, and Canadian Goose.


Motivation Time

This is a great time of year for bird lovers. Find some time to go for a walk and discover new to you birds.

Places to go: Parks, Wetlands, Older Cemeteries, and even your own backyard. Going for a nature walk is pretty cheap entertainment. Plus, it's a way to get exorcise (yuk) without thinking about it.


Until next time, Happy Birding!

Gene Planker

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