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Wild Bird Watching, Issue #010 Cardinal Nest Cam
June 02, 2012


I send this newsletter out to you and my other subscribers when I think there is something in the bird world you may be interested in knowing.

I hope this is one of those things.

Live Cardinal Nest Cam

I've been streaming a Cardinal nest for about a week now and I'm just now announcing the cam.

I held off sending the newsletter out because we've experienced eggs that weren't viable and many other issues with caming Cardinals in the past. With nature nothing is guaranteed.

On 6-1-2011 the first egg hatched with two to go. There are a couple of short videos that you can watch to catch up on what has already happen. Nothing earth shattering but still interesting I hope.

Once again I'm using because it's a free service. Yes, you do have to endure a video ad from time to time and there is a text ad at the bottom of the screen.

A small price to pay since it can run several hundred dollars a month without advertising.

Since the hatching has already begun, we only have two weeks or less to watch before they leave the nest. Do try to find some time in your day to visit with us.

You can watch and chat if you like here:

And don't forget to visit:

for all things birds.

Until next time, Happy Birding,

Gene Planker

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