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A bird garden or more specifically a bird friendly habitat is something each of us can do in our own backyards. Planting specific shrubs and trees that are known to attract birds not only is good for our avian friends but can add value to our homes. Both in monetary value along with personal aesthetic value.

When considering what to plant in your own bird garden think in terms of native plants. These will require the least amount of work in maintaining and the least amount in cost to maintain. More and more garden centers are offering native plants recognizing their value in the landscape.

While a specific specimen plant that is not native is fine, it may not add much to attracting native wildlife to your yard. The landscapes of the past, while attractive, have proven to be costly to maintain.

One can still have an attractive landscape while still providing for the birds. Selecting flowers with tubular nectar producing blooms will feed both hummingbirds and the bees that pollenate our food crops. Shrubs and vines that provide nesting sites can also offer a variety of bloom colors and scents.

When we begin to work our landscape with the birds in mind, we begin to serve ourselves as well. Birds need thousands of insects to eat during the nesting season. By planting with the birds in mind, our backyards become free of the insects that we pour thousands of dollars each year trying to rid our homes from.

When humans begin to consider what nature needs, nature begins giving right back to us.

Want to learn more about creating a Bird Garden and how you can create a more bird friendly yard using plants, flowers, shrubs and trees?

Well look no farther. We've gathered some of the best resouces for creating the best bird friendly backyard habitat.

Just check out these resources and begin building a landscape that is both beautiful and perfect for attracting more birds to your backyard.

Birds and Butterflies Ebook
Birds and Butterflies
stokes bird gardening book
creating a Florida Garden book
Gardening in Florida
Projects for Bird Gardening book
Projects For The Birders
The Hummingbird Garden book
The Hummingbird Garden
bird by bird gardening book

536 ways to attract birds book
536 Ways to Attract Birds to Your Backyard
National Wildlife Birds and Butterflies Book
NWF Attracting Birds, Butterflies
and Other Backyard Wildlife
bird gardens book
Bird Gardens
attracting birds
Attracting The Brightest Birds
attracting birds l
536 Ways to Attract Birds to Your Backyard
trees shrubs and vines book
Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
for Attracting Birds
Attracting Butterflies and Birds Book
Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds
The Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds Book
The Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds
Nature Friendly Book
Nature Friendly Gardening

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